Información beca comedor escolar curso 2016-2017


Estimadas familias.

En base al BORRADOR de Resolución de Conselleria, por la que se convoca la concesión de ayudas al comedor escolar para el curso 2016-2017.

PROCEDEREMOS del lunes 25 al jueves 28 de julio de 2016 recoger las solicitudes a través del anexo I y la documentación necesaria a aportar.

Al tratarse de un borrador, las familias podrán ser requeridas para aportar nueva documentación en el caso de verse modificado cuando se publique la Orden que lo regula.

El horario del centro para entregar las becas será de lunes a jueves de 9:00 a 13:00 horas.

Un cordial saludo.

Dirección General Escuela Profesional La Salle.

English Summer Immersion Course for teachers in Madrid

Last Monday, 11th July, a very interesting Immersion Course started in Madrid. It is run by Oxford Publishing House and La Salle-Arlep.
 Some teachers came from the different counties and schools La Salle has got in the ARLEP. It is a real and powerful training course. We have met teachers from Corrales, Talavera, Tenerife( San Ildefonso), Barcelona( San Celoni, Comtal), Tarragona, Benicarló, Córdoba and Paterna Escuela. Our English teachers are originally from UK but they have been working in these training courses for teachers for years. They are also teachers at universities or British Council.
 The course has got a variety of workshops for example about Reading Activities or Vocabulary learning ( short or long- term memory) , and English Speaking Culture where learning about Maoris and Aborigens in the Antipodes (by Robin Walker) or About the Modern Canada (by Rachel)…
 We also work in small and alternative teams, as students usually do, preparing role plays, PBL or designing projects for them.
 Today we have been to the National Archaeology Museum opened by Elisabeth II, but the Spanish queen, in Madrid in 1830 but recently reopened and rebuilt. It is called MAN. Here you can have a look and read further about it : Our teachers’ plans are dealing with Project Work.  Opening our minds, creating, and enjoying teaching work is our task for today.
 Here a picture of the nice group.
 Amparo Latorre.